What is Body Neutrality? 4 Articles to Help you Decide

What is Body Neutrality? 4 Articles to Help you Decide

Body neutrality is about accepting your body. No, body neutrality is a necessary step towards reaching the ultimate goal of body love.

No, body neutrality is about not placing so much importance on physical appearance. Ummm, sorry but body neutrality is about accepting all sorts of bodies and stages of ability.

What is body neutrality anyway? We’ve compiled these four articles to let you decide for yourself what this concept is.

1.Please Stop Telling Me to Love My Body (Man Repeller)

Why we like it:

It contrasts the two main definitions out there. On one hand, that the opposite of hating your body is not loving it, but accepting it. On the other, that body neutrality is actually the stage that comes after you’ve stopped hating your body and right before you learn to love it for what it is.

2. What Do You Do When “Loving Your Body” Is Hard? (Refinery29)

Why we like it:

The article touches on how the body positivity movement and its ideals are aligned with the mainstream cannon of beauty: blonde, white, voluptuous, non-bulging tummy. It also discusses how being “body positive” and “embracing your body” excludes some like those that suffer from eating disorders or have physical impairments.

3. Forget Body Positivity: How About Body Neutrality? (The Cut)

Why we like it:

This article goes deep with interviews to people who have given the concept of body neutrality some thought. An interesting point it makes is how body positivity sometimes also ends up being about control, about controlling what we think about our bodies and making sure it’s good.

4. What If Body Acceptance Doesn’t Work? How About Body Neutrality? (Ravishly)

Why we like it:

The article that, apparently, came first. Written by Melissa Fabello in 2015, then mentioned in The Cut’s article which in turn is then mentioned on Refinery29’s article.

She says:

Body neutrality is freedom from the obsession with our bodies entirely.

Body neutrality is a blank slate.

Body neutrality is a starting point.

Body neutrality is a foundation.

Body neutrality is the place from which we can work toward building body positivity.

(These articles are not in any specific order.)


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